What Boston Can Teach The Rest Of The Country About Living Well

3. Boston led the charge for legalizing gay marriage. When Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage, it was because of a couple of women from Boston. In the 2003 lawsuit Goodridge et al v. Department of Public Health , the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ended the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage . The lead plaintiffs, Boston couple Julie and Hillary Goodridge , sued the Department of Public Health in 2001. They married in 2004 (they’ve since divorced).

Healthy living: Exercise can benefit your brain

Then both groups were given the same flash-photo test. The results were undeniable. The exercising group scored significantly better on the test than did their resting counterparts. The biological component Interestingly, blood samples taken during the experiment indicated that the exercising group had higher levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, and muscle regulatory factor, or MRF. These proteins have been the subject of many recent studies and are now known to promote the growth of healthy nerve and muscle cells, respectively. Additionally, BDNF is not only beneficial for brain function, but is also helpful in protecting aging muscle cells from atrophy.

Healthy Living: Lynn’s Pharmacy

on Wednesday, Indiana State Police made a traffic stop on Interstate 70 that ended in two arrests. An ISP Trooper witnessed a silver 2001 BMW driving aggressively around the 15 mile marker. Area planning approves Meijer Updated: 4 hours ago A new economic hub is moving forward on Terre Haute’s east side. Its a complex that could add a new dimension of grocery and retail along US 40. Vigo County man faces child solicitation charges Updated: 15 hours ago A Vigo County man faces child solicitation charges Wednesday after an incident from July. Chris Wilkinson, 29, was in court on Wednesday where an officer shared details of the alleged crime. EAP program out of federal money Updated: 17 hours ago Local families struggling to pay the power bill are discovering a different fiscal stumbling block: a federal funding shortfall at the Terre Haute office the feds are vowing to fix fast. Maximum sentence in neglect case Updated: 19 hours ago Larry Russell will spend ten years behind bars, after facing eleven felony charges in connection to a neglect case. Matthew Cook makes his first court appearance Updated: 19 hours ago Matthew Cook, who is accused in the murder of Shirley Moyer at Gaslight Estates, appeared in court Wednesday. Cook was arrested Tuesday by the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office. The 31-year-old lived with Moyers granddaughter and sister just a few houses down from Moyer.


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