Mermaid Fitness Class Lets You Live Out Your Childhood Fantasy

Pole Positions No, this isn’t about heels and lingerie — its about working out. Whatever you may feel about the explosion of the pole dance industry in recent years, classes in the highly athletic dance form have, in fact, become all the rage for women who want an acrobatic, fun workout that strengthens and tones. The women-only classes combine dance moves with pole tricks involving suspension and stretching — the dance portion gets the heart pumping as a cardio workout, while doing tricks on the pole strengthens your upper and lower body, especially your core. Hang Ten Without Hitting The Water If you dont want to paddle into the ocean but still want that lean surfer body, indoor surfing classes are the answer. A surfboard is balanced on three exercise boards while you use your core to mimic real surfing movements and then mix them with cardio bursts to burn fat. Youll improve balance, define muscles and you wont even need sunblock. Find Namaste In The Air If youre ready for a new yoga challenge, it might be time to get up in the air. Aerial yoga adapts traditional yoga moves while in a large silk hammock raised off the ground. Youll twist and maneuver your way into stretches while working your core and relieving stress.


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