Startling Visualizations Of Fad Diets Will Make You Put Down The Juice Cleanse

According to his companys website, those with gluten-restricted diets can have higher risk for anemia, arthritis, depression, infertility, intestinal cancer, menstrual disorders, nerve damage, osteoporosis and thyroid disease. Inspired by his familys history with entrepreneurship, Dubreville said for years he has wanted to run his own business but did not know what form that would take.

An L.A.-based photographer by the name of Stephanie Gonot counts herself amongst the latter group. Her series of striking diet visualizations, aptly called “Fad Diets,” captures the bizarre lengths individuals go to achieve a “healthy” body. From the “Five Bite” diet to a master cleanse, her starkly minimal photos cleverly break down the strange habits. “Hollywood diet (also called the grapefruit diet, similar to Atkins).” -Stephanie Gonot “A friend had been describing her troubles with the master cleanse, which isn’t really a ‘diet,’ but it got me thinking about weight loss and all the silly and unhealthy things people do to their bodies in order to shed pounds,” Gonot explained in an email to The Huffington Post. Gonot has been tempted by the lure of fad diets herself. “I’ve tried dieting in the past, but have learned through the years that the best thing for your body is to eat a variety of nutritious foods,” she said. “I definitely saw fad dieting as more ridiculous after I had researched the different methods and made these images.” “Master cleanse (not really a diet, but still a weight loss technique).” -Stephanie Gonot There’s an absurdity to Gonot’s images, positioned carefully to juxtapose ingredients like grapefruits and raw meat. “Another thing I was thinking about at the time was awkward food photography.


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