Employer Health Insurance Survey 2013

Getting health insurance should not count against a green card applicant

Venus Williams of the U.S. returns to Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium at the U.S. Open tennis chammpionships in New York, August 26, 2013.

Source: KFF Younger and Lower Wage Employees Less Likely to Have Health Benefits Offered The wage, age, and employee status of workers plays a role in probability a company will offer health benefits. For example, of firms with at least 65% of workers earning $23,000+,60%offer health benefits. Whereas, of firms with at least 35% of workers making less than $23,000, only 23% offer health benefits. Firms with younger employees are less likely to offer health benefits than firms with older employees. For example, of firms with 35% or more of its workers age 26 or younger, 23%offer health benefits. Whereas, of firms with less than 35% of workers age 26 or younger,59% offer health benefits. Temporary workers are rarely offered health benefits, with only 3% of firms who offer health benefits providing it to temporary or seasonal workers.

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Q: Will getting state health insurance and charity keep me from getting permanent residence? My partner and I married in Washington state this past February. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that federal laws cannot discriminate against same-sex married couples, I want to apply for my green card. I have been HIV positive for several years. I came here on a student visa, but I am no longer in lawful status. Since 2009, I have been receiving the medical benefits under a state program and help from a charity.


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