Diets Lacking Omega-3s Lead to Anxiety, Hyperactivity in Teens: Generational Omega-3 Deficiencies Have Worsening Effects Over Time

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. “We found that this dietary deficiency can compromise the behavioral health of adolescents, not only because their diet is deficient but because their parents’ diet was deficient as well.

Ketogenic Diets


Although ketogenic diets are always low in carbs, the reverse is not true — a low-carb diet is not necessarily ketogenic. We could call a ketogenic diet a very low-carb, adequate protein, high-fat diet. Additionally, some people are refining things even more and testing the level of ketones in their blood, aiming for so-called “nutritional ketosis”. Some people have been having success in breaking stalls in weight loss and finding other benefits by doing this. To answer some of the questions, I’m putting together information about ketones and ketogenic diets. So far I have: What is a Ketogenic Diet? – This should answer most of your basic questions about what ketogenic diets are, what they are good for, etc. What is the Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy?


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